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Everyone’s a Photographer

5 Quick Tips for Shooting Better Travel Photos

In this age of the ubiquitous souvenir photograph, food shots on Facebook, selfies on Instagram , everyone is shooting. However, there are a few simple tricks I have learned over the years that will make even your iPhone and Android shots better.

  1. If you are taking camera gear on your trip, do NOT pack it in your checked bag- this includes your power cords, batteries, image cards, flashes and etc. A digital camera is of no use to you if it is not charged or does not have an image card, and you don't want it lost.

  2. If you are travelling and have the ability to back up your work, do it! Always.

  3. Do not delete images from your camera. As tempting as it is to delete something while looking at that itty bitty screen on your camera, wait until you have uploaded it into your imaging software on your computer to make the decision. Those itsy bitsy screens, reflected light, and even your mood can lead you to a poor decision.

  4. If you can grab the magic sunrise or sunset light of the day, do it. Sneak away if you have to, set your alarm early, grab a coffee on the way out- you will be rewarded for it.

  5. Practice shooting without a flash (do both if you have to and compare versions), but you will quickly learn the advantages of natural lighting. It may mean moving to a new angle, capturing your vision from a different perspective, learning how to manipulate your ISO, but give it a try. Most cameras these days do well in low light situations.

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