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Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole and all of its offerings is my happy place.  When I close my eyes, in need of a relaxing breath, I picture the outline of the Tetons, those beautiful dames, and I’m home.  The air, the colors, the scents, the flowers, open expanses, the night skies, the hazy mornings, will simultaneously ground you and make you feel small.  While Jackson has become more touristy over the years as people discover its magic, its popularity also comes with the benefits of a few luxuries, in hotel and restaurant options.  You can spend a day getting dirty and sore on a hike through wild flowers and still enjoy a lovely meal in the evening. Below are a few of my favorites.


Nora’s Fish Creek Inn

The breakfast spot I wish I could bring home with me.

I fell in love with this little place the minute the screen door slapped me in the rear. It is bustling from the minute it opens at 6:30. The waitresses don't call you honey, but they could and you wouldn't mind. It is exactly the kind of place you are hoping to find "way our west", on your way to a good hike or after a cold ski. If the decor doesn't win you over, watching the whole town come and go certainly will. And the food isn't bad either. Not an unusually big or unique menu, but solid stuff. The u shaped bar in the center is perfect for single eaters.


Snake River Grill

The finest dining in Jackson.

While I haven't tried every restaurant in the area, I can only imagine this one sets the standard. The interior is striking, with high stone walls, warmed by a fire place in the middle, stunning art work on walls and ceiling, and a beautiful cozy bar. While I was there in summer, and it was a bit dark inside, I can only imagine that after a day of skiing it would be just what the Dr. ordered. The food did not disappoint, though some appetizers a bit scant. Duck prosciutto had me salivating, but I wanted more! The pork entre was enormous, however, enough for two, and deeeelish. I made a whole meal of apps.... Scallops, perfectly done and delectable. Service was top notch, best we have had in a long, long while.


The Wort Hotel

 The stuff of legend.

If you appreciate the old west feel, history and legend, you will love this historic hotel in the middle of Jackson. The location couldn't be better. The service is top notch. The rooms exceed comfort. But it is the interior that will keep you there. The art is extraordinary. The pictures of films that line the hallways will capture your attention and provide some giggles.

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